SJ Series Mini Pneumatic Cylinder

  • SJ series stainless steel mini pneumatic cylinder, bore size 10mm and 16mm. Front and rear cap are processed by high precision CNC machine, with strong guarantee of high consistency and concentricity. Mini Cylinder barrel and front/rear cap are connected by riveted structure, leading to better performance and compression resistance. Caps positioning machine guarantees front and rear caps locate at same horizontal position, easier to install. Better sealing performance with Japanese seals, together with Germany grease, gives SJ series mini round pneumatic cylinder longer life.
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  • Features:

    Compact structure,light weighted
    Various back cover type, more convenient for cylinder mounting
    Small bore sizes,fast feedback,suitable for high frequency working
    Stainless steel piston rod and barrel,supporting for normal corrosive environment
    High precision machining guarantees high concistancy
    High performance seal and grease supports long life

    Supply Chain:
    Japan or Taiwan area seal
    Germany Grease
    Strong alumium material



    Inner Structure:


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    Main Dimensions:

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